Consuming water directly from the tap can result in many health issues. Often, people ponder why and when water filters should be installed. Most people opt for models that are affordable and low in maintenance. This is one of the major reasons behind the rise and fame of water filter brands! There are more than 200+ water filter brands in the market. And, one fine brand with many enticing features would be Culligan. The scintillating brand features a wide range of models that can meet and exceed your expectations. With this being said, here are few amazing facts about Culligan Water Filters.

A Hefty Range of Filters

According to recent stats from Amazon, Culligan sells a wide range of water filters. It is identified as one of the best brands in the market for water filters. The faucet mount water filter has a neat design and comprehensive features. Often, the simplest model from Culligan will have a fully protected warranty of 2 years. Nevertheless, Culligan’s clean design makes it a long lasting product. Above all, the water filter’s basic models can hold 200 gallons of water.

Ease of Installation

A very interesting feature that gives Culligan an upper hand over conventional water filter brands would be ease of installation. You don’t need fancy tools or gears to install a Culligan water filter. Few minutes will be enough to screw the water filter to the ends of the tap! Above all, Culligan water filters fit most commercial taps. Regardless of how big or what brand your tap is, Culligan water filters can be installed effortlessly.

Unfiltered and Filtered Water

Moving on, you can use Culligan water filters to obtain both unfiltered and filtered water. The astounding design lets users decide on the kind of water they need. There is separate diverter valve in the water filter to direct the flow of water. Hence, water would be pushed into the filtered or unfiltered chambers. The filters are designed with separate controls that will let you adjust the flow of water.

Just like many other water filter brands, Culligan products can eliminate bad odor, taste and remove contaminants from water. Harmful contaminants like sediments, cysts, lead and cryptosporidium will be removed from water. As a result, you will have the wit to enjoy clean & healthy water.

A Classy Filter

Culligan comprises of a classy look. The water filter comprises of a chrome finish, which is not found in many other filter models. When it comes to design or looks, Culligan water filters have many positive reviews.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, Culligan water filters make amazing household appliances! These filters will delight you with clean water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and showering. As mentioned previously, the filters are capable of removing contaminants in a smooth manner. The water filters are NSF certified and ideal for frequent usage. Culligan water filters will give you the freedom to enjoy clean, tasty and odorless water from the comforts of your home.

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