This site was created to provide information about one thing.

Healthy Pure Water!

We are in public water supply, 12 years ago, I awarded of musty and moldy odor smells in the water when we brush teeth in our bathroom, however, the odor does not occur in the water from a kitchen sink, the smell getting lesser but not totally go away after running the water for a couple minutes. We started to research and learn about water quality and water filters from insider experts. We decided to create this water filter site for a few reasons:

  1. We love clean water and over the years have become very aware of how important it is to use a water filter for our drinking, cooking and bathing water.
  2. We are in the market for a new whole house water filter and consequently began doing a lot of research to find which one would provide the cleanest water, the most efficiently, for the best price.
  3. We noticed that there are many contradictory statements and false advertise relating to water filtering market.
  4. We figured that with everything we learned we could share our knowledge with other people who were also looking for which water filter they should invest in.

At this moment we use a reverse osmosis water system on our kitchen sink, and as our water can get discolored here we also had to add another system for the whole house to get rid of the discoloration. It works well enough but there are a couple of things that we are not happy with. And the fact that we plan on moving next year made us realize that when we move we would want a completely different whole house water filtration system… and as such. We help you find the facts and best water treatment system for your home, so you can make a wise decision to protect your family from harmful substances and other residues that are contained in our drinking water.

We hope that all of the information we have gathered here is of great help to everyone reading our articles and searching for their own best water filter no matter what kind you are looking for. Good luck and here is to clean water and good health!