Over the past few years the need for countertop water filters has increased remarkably. When compared against whole house water filers and under sink systems, countertop filtration is easy and cost effective. Most homeowners who live in rental homes find countertop water filters extremely useful. This is because countertop filters are versatile and can be carried around easily. The ability to consume healthy, clean water becomes simple and uncomplicated with the help of countertop water filtration systems.

Best Countertop Water Filters

 Royal Berkey water filter
#1.The list begins with “Royal Berkey with 2 Black Filters and 2 PF-2 Fluoride Filters”. Priced around 350 USD, this is a powerful filter that can delight you with fresh, clean water in the long run. Firstly, the filter works by removing impurities and harmful contaminants from water. For more than several decades, Red Cross and various 3rd countries have relied on Royal Berkey for water purification. And, PF2 will make sure free radicals, heavy metal ions and pre-oxidized Arsenic III compounds are removed from water. Made of 304 stainless steel; this water filter is capable of lasting for a very long time.
 APEC countertop RO filter
#2. APEC Water Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is a true market leader. It makes use of high performance reverse osmosis to produce fresh water. The US made filter generates water that falls in line with what is obtained from the highest graded 4th Stage systems. It is extremely lightweight and doesn’t require any kind of installation. You can hook this filter onto any faucet and get it working in few minutes. According to homeowners, APEC Water filter follow a plug and drink mechanism. The high capacity filters are designed with 90 GPD portable systems that can last for several years. Conversely, the filter is ideal for motor homes, students, apartments, seniors, retirement homes and travelers. With the help of APEC Water Systems, you will have the wit to enjoy high quality, tasty water. Moving on, these water systems will help you make scrumptious tea and coffee. This can be attributed to the fame of APEC water filters.
 AquaRain Gravity filters
# 3. AquaRain 404 Gravity Filters are known for great drinking water. These filters can help you produce clean water from lakes, wells, cisterns and rivers. AquaRain makes use of a patented sub micron ceramic technology to produce clean water. And, it is quite interesting to note that the filter doesn’t require any electricity, plumbing or manual effort! All that you should do is pour water into the filter and wait for clean water! It is ideal for regular usage and can last for several gallons (1000’s) of water. AquaRain features a strong steel housing system that carries 4 ceramic elements for fresh, clean water.

Ultimate Bottom Line!

On the whole, there are many countertop water filters out there! These filters will help you consume fresh, healthy water in the long run. As suggested by its name, countertop water filters are meant to remove contaminants and harmful particles from water. Consequently, you will have access to tasty, healthy water almost every day.

Benefits of Countertop Water Filters

Tasty Water

As mentioned previously, countertop water filters can help you consume tasty water. The filters are customized to produce clean & clear water in few minutes. Every time you wish to taste great water, countertop filters will lend you a hand of help. These filters can remove chemicals and contaminants in a simple way. Thus, you will have the wit to enjoy a glass of fresh water without any odor or bad taste. This is certainly one of the most refreshing things you can have every day.

Save Money

Moving on, countertop water filters will help you save money. There are plenty of water filters in the market. Most of them are complicated and predominantly expensive. And, the idea of investing on bottled water is easy said than done. This is why you should opt for countertop water filters. The fine tuned system will let you consume clean water at a small fraction of the actual cost. Additionally, you can store the filtered water and consume it after some time.

Healthy Water

Gone are the days when water filtering removed many essential nutrients from water! Countertop filters can delight you with numerous health benefits. These filters will give you access to pure water that can improve your immune system and overall health. Above all, countertop water filters will help you maintain your wellness and natural health. Additionally, the filters will maintain the pH level and percentage of minerals in your drinking water.

Effortless Usage

Countertop water filters can be installed quite effortlessly. It is lightweight and predominantly compact. You can install the countertop filter almost anywhere and disconnect it on the go! As mentioned previously, it is a portable system that requires minimal space. To ensure an utmost level of convenience, countertop water filters are sold with connectors and adaptors.

Little Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, countertop filters require very little maintenance and nominal filter changes. Changing filter cartridges is extremely simple. To be more precise, these filters should be changed only once in a while. The simple design will save you from worrying about extra fittings or hardware.

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