Gone are the days when shower filters were meant for women and health freaks. Today, shower head filters are considered as a basic household appliance that must be installed for skin and hair care. Recent research declares that shower filters can reduce the risks of various health issues. So, why are shower head filters important? Try to imagine this: You are exfoliating, cleansing and scrubbing dirt off your body, when a hefty spray of water with harmful chemicals and contaminants hits your head! This is when skin dryness, irritation and life threatening diseases can affect you. In simpler words, if your shower doesn’t have a filter, you will shower in pesticides.

Best Shower Head Filters

 Aquasana aq-4100
#1. There are several different types of shower head filters. Some of the town’s finest filters are manufactured by Aquasana. This is an essential filter that can ensure health and beauty. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System and adjustable Showerhead is capable of removing 90% of chlorine. As a result, you will have the wit to enjoy healthier and shinier hair. AQ-4100 is designed to manage 2.5 gallons of water every minute. Above all, the shower head filter enhances and maintains the pH of water that flows from it. If you want to enjoy a healthy shower for just 50 cents a day, you must enroll in Aquasana’s no contract replacement program: “Water For Life”.
Culligan WSH C125
#2. Culligan is a real market leader when it comes to water filters. And Culligan WSH-C12 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Filtered Showerhead is not an exception. The patented design is capable of reducing 99% of chlorine from water. Conversely, it reduces the chances of scale formation or sulfur odors. The shower head filter comprises of an anti-clog rubber nozzle that is NSF certified. With five amazing spray settings, this easy to install shower head is worth every penny you spend.
Sprite shower pure all-in-one
# 3. Next in line would be Sprite Shower Pure All-in-One 7 Setting. As suggested by its name, Sprite AE7-CM comprises of seven spray settings that can produce clean, fresh water in no time. The shower head is designed to remove bad odor, chlorine, metals and sediments from water. You can use this shower head to replace both old and new shower head models. A major up-selling point of AE7-CM would be its chrome finish and brass swivel ball. The filter can last from 6 to 8 months (it is designed to handle 10,000 gallons of water).

Benefits of Shower Head Filters

The next few lines will give you a quick walk through few benefits of shower head filters.

  1. Enjoy Clean Water
    When you are not aware of what comes from your shower head, you should install an efficient shower head filter. Researchers from the University of Colorado believe that millions of bacteria and microorganisms are pilled inside shower heads. With the help of shower head filters, you can destroy these microorganisms and harmful contaminants. Smirking, carcinogenic pathogens from dirty shower heads can be destroyed with the help of these filters. This is one of the major reasons behind the need for shower head filters.
  2. Feel Young
    Do you know that water from shower head filters can make you look younger? There are several cosmetic reasons, on why you should invest on shower head filters. The presence of chlorine will cause serious problems to your hair and skin. In fact, it will disrupt the total amount of moisture on your skin and trigger the growth of bacteria. As a result, your skin will become dry and premature signs of aging may surface. The same applies to hair fall! Chlorine is a powerful chemical that can remove natural oils from the skin and results in irritated, scaly scalp. Shower head filters can restore the actual, natural shine of hair and ensure its elasticity.
  3. Prevent Skin Allergies
    Do you know that more chlorine seeps into your body during a shower, than while drinking from the tap? This is because showering opens pores in the body and triggers the absorption of toxic substances. When you bath in a shower without head filters, you are more likely to drink chloramines and chlorine. This will result in many health problems like cancer and skin allergies.
  4. Look Fitter and Healthier
    Shower head filters will make you feel healthier and fitter. A long, hot shower (with clean water) will save you from immunity issues, mental depression and physical tiredness. It is an easier way of preventing allergies and infectious diseases. The shower filter will make sure your body is not exposed to harsh vapors that can leave your mind invigorated.
  5. Support for Pregnant Women
    Chlorinated and contaminated showers can cause many problems to pregnant women. A study that was carried out in England stated that pregnant women are likely to face the risks of premature delivery, still birth, spontaneous abortions and low birth weight, when they bath under chlorinated showers. Above all, chlorinated showers can cause allergy attacks too.

How to Buy Shower Head Filters?

When you are ought to buy shower head filters, you must make sure the filter fits your shower. The actual height of the shower arm should be measured. Conversely, you must decide if a hand held model or stationary shower head filter is required. If the shower is installed at a higher level, you should opt for a stationary model. On the other hand, if the showerhead is located at a height less than seven inches, a hand held model will be sufficient. Hand held filters have several benefits. When compared against stationary shower heads, the hand-held models are versatile.
Moving on, you must verify if the filter has replaceable cartridges. You should be able to replace them without any tools. Always remember that the cartridge should be replaced at least once in 3, 6 or 12 months. Meanwhile, the head filter should suit the pressure at which water flows from the shower. At all times, it would be wiser to opt for head filters that are self pressurized and water-saving.

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